You want to get noticed by the greatest inventor/ investor to ever walk the Earth...well then ride in style in a brand new Tesla 3 and Elon Musk may just kick it with you.

Through a BNB LOTTERY $WINATESLA token will give you an opportunity to CONTINUOUSLY win the equivalent VALUE of Tesla Model 3 - the greatest car ever created since the original Ford Model-T by legendary visionary (the non-fictional Tony Stark) Mr. Elon Musk.

Car and Driver magazine called it “Quick and fun-to-drive, beats direct rivals' range estimates, high-tech everything. Absolutely breathtaking design.”



5% of every BUY and 11% of every SELL transaction goes to the “Win a Tesla Fund” (and automatically converted to BNB!). Approximately every $500,000 in transactions and someone is eligible to win.

Every time the Fund has collected $34,190 in BNB (~110BNB), which is enough for a Tesla Model 3*, a WINATESLA HODLer is chosen randomly to receive the BNB. We will repeat this process in perpetuity until. Mr. Elon Musk, come out and buy a few tickets to support your most ardent fans :)!

This is a community driven platform, so if we wanted to change it up to a Model S/ X or even the Roadster, then let’s make that decision together!

* Prices shown include the ~$1,500 California Clean Fuel Reward and potential incentives and gas savings for a total of $5,800 from

Selecting winners

Once $34,190 in BNB is collected, a winner is chosen randomly to receive the BNB via a LOTTERY SYSTEM.

This all happens on-chain and you can be assured that the random winner is verifiable. We store all of the winning records in the contract as well for a full accounting.

You must be holding 0.01% to be eligible to win Check Lottery Fund


Name: Win A Tesla

Symbol: WinATesla

Number of tokens: 42,000,000,000

Features Buy Sell/Transfer
Distribute Holders 3% 3%
Lottery 5% 11%
Marketing 3% 3%

5% of every BUY and 11% of every SELL transaction goes to the “Win a Tesla Lottery Fund” (and automatically converted to BNB!) until it reaches $34,190 at which time a random trigger on BSC smart contract will automatically select one of the HODLERs. The process continues until the end of time.

3% This mechanism introduces deflation into the total supply of Tesla tokens, benefiting all HODLers.

3% is for the marketing team

Anti-dump - Sell trades of more than 0.5% of the total supply will be rejected. This will allow us to reduce swing-trading and break whales' control.

10% Private sale

90% Fair Launch


Phase 1

  • Planning and organizing after seeing so many failed “Win a” something projects. Came up with a more aggressive and faster way to help people win
  • Launch of
  • Submit code for auditing. Current code can be peer reviewed at Github
  • Fair Launch
  • Listed on
  • Submission 5 other directories including
  • Hoping to get Elon to tweet about us and generate 10 wins in a day
  • More celebrity marketing and influencer pushes
  • Build community on telegram and twitter and keep HODLers holding
  • Phase 2

  • Build an Elon Musk statue to give thanks to the man who made us all billions
  • Switch from winning Tesla Model 3s to winning a ticket on SpaceX
  • NFT platform to all things cool
  • Win products from Boring Company
  • Add more telegram